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Starting in 2012, Jeff Eaton produced and hosted a semi-regular podcast about content strategy, interviewing dozens of experts and practitioners about the world of digital content. Insert Content Here ran for almost five years (with some hiccups) as he transitioned from web development work at Lullabot to full-time focus on strategy consulting. This site preserves those episodes, and adds new metadata including searchable transcripts.

In 2020 Jeff partnered with long-time friends (and Insert Content Here guests) Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte to found Autogram, a strategic consultancy for organizations with complex communication needs. Looking for the latest in design systems, decoupled content APIs, and bespoke memes? Check Autogram out. Who knows? They might get the old podcast rolling again

AI for Structured Content

Noz Urbina explains how AI and chatbot trends are driving improvements in content reuse.

Domain Models and Journey Maps

Noz Urbina on the power of combining domain modeling and customer journeys for modeling structured content.

The Art of Content Management

Deane Barker discusses the joy of solving complicated problems — and his upcoming book, Web Content Management.

Building Tomorrow's Newsrooms

David Eads on the fast-changing world of digital news, and the unexpected wins of 'learn to code' projects.

Explaining Adaptive Content

Noz Urbina explains adaptive content, omni-channel marketing, and the changing face of customer engagement.

The Design/Content Conference

Steve Fisher on cross-functional teams, and the joys of organizing and promoting a new conference.

Building a Strategy Team

Hawk Thompson on building an agency content practice, and first steps for a freshly-minted content strategist.

The Art of Content Audits

Misty Weaver explains the thrills of content audits, and creative ways to stay on top of a growing site.

2013 in Review with Karen McGrane

Karen McGrane on content marketing overload, the future of WYSIWYG editors, and predictions for the coming year.

Digital Strategy at Harvard

Mike Petroff on The Harvard Gazette's Wordpress redesign, and the complexity of large university communications.

The Magic of Transmedia Storytelling

Game designer Andrea Phillips on the East Coast/West Coast marketing divide, and the field of Transmedia Storytelling.

Content APIs For Public Health

Fred Smith discusses the CDC's syndication system, and the challenges of delivering consistent content.

Design Thinking for Content

Margot Bloomstein on the writing process, design thinking and content strategy, and the importance of asking why.

The Making of The Lark Cookbook

Jared Stoneberg explains the Lark Cookbook, a Kickstarter print/digital project powered by structured content.

Design and Structure

Jared Ponchot explores the parallels between design systems and content models, and the importance of content hierarchy.

NPR's COPE and Content APIs

Daniel Jacobson recaps the history of NPR's COPE, his work at Netflix, and the future of content APIs.

Newspapers in Transition

Greg Dunlap on the history of digital transformation at the Seattle Times, and the importance of cross-functional teams.

2012 in Review with Karen McGrane

Karen McGrane reviews 2012's best articles and presentatinos about structured content and responsive design.

Content Everywhere

Sara Wachter-Boettcher on her new book, the benefits of cross-discipline communication, and building tools for humans.

CMS Trends and Content Geography

Deane Barker on the evolution CMSs, their impact on content strategy, and the joys of content modeling.

Reinventing the Knowledge Base

Marc Danziger and Andrew Berry discuss NBC's innovative new approach to the corporate knowledge base.

Content Strategy for Mobile

Karen McGrane on the rise of the mobile web, reusable content, and her new book: Content Strategy for Mobile.

Web Standards and Publishing's Future

Erin Kissane on the history of web standards, experiments in web publishing, and the challenge of predicting the future.

Content Strategy's Past and Future

Kristina Halvorson explains the art of stakeholder wrangling — and proper bourbon pairings for your content audits.

What the Heck is Strategy?

Jeff Robbins discusses the meaning of Content Strategy, reminisces about Dreamweaver, and introduces a dazzling new jingle.